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At this point in time, I have no intention of publicly declaring my address, email, phone or other details that will allow any yahoo to easily attack or harass me.  There are too many slash and burn zealots out there for me to simply expose myself to potential harm.

If you have legitimate comments to make that offer constructive and/or legitimate points, feel free to write. I do not object to corrections or opinions other than my own, so long as they are based in fact. Please do not bother me with silly rhetoric from either side of the debate.

If you happen to be an elected official or media type who encounters this site and wishes to contact me, feel free. I will respond, provided that you supply legitimate bona fides.

A quick note. First, thanks for all of the wonderful comments. Thanks for some of the not so wonderful comments.

I am NOT collecting data here. There is no requirement for address or phone numbers. I haven't figured out how to remove that stuff from the form below. It won't hurt my feelings  if you decide to exclude such things.

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