WrongReform.com             The Facts About HR3200
One Man's (informed) Opinion on Health Care Reform
This site exists to disseminate my comments, observations and opinions on the Health Care "Reform" situation. Unlike so many others who are shouting, babbling or blathering on this topic, I have an INFORMED opinion.

I have read the most current markup of HR3200, several times. Front to back, every word. This alone puts me in a tiny percentage of those commenting on this subject. My experience in contract and policy review lends itself to understanding the legal-speak and elected officialese found in the bill.

In addition, I have 22 years experience in the insurance industry, devoted to health and life plans. My background includes direct sales, agent brokerage and corporate level underwriting. I actually understand, from first hand experience, exactly what some of the language in HR3200 means and how it is going to impact health insurance, health care providers, and the American public.

My current position is Operations Manager for an independent brokerage agency contracted with more than a dozen insurance carriers, serving over 4000 independent health insurance agents in 40 states.

In the interests of full disclosure, please note that our agency specializes in supplemental and ancillary health insurance products that will be in very high demand if HR3200 passes into law as written. Not only will sales of our current products lines explode, but our distribution network of agents accustomed to supplemental sales will cause surviving insurance carriers to seek us out as they adapt to the new marketplace.

In a nutshell, if HR3200 passes as written, I will become very wealthy, very quickly.

So, with that in mind, please proceed to The Facts.